HOPE Framework

Reduce Access to Drugs

  • Expand RxBox and other drug take back programs.
    • Provide community education on importance of disposing medications properly.
    • Provide education for patients on importance of disposing properly of medications and engaging hospice providers for the same.

    • Improve access to portable drug disposal materials, with a focus on homebound and other special

  • Provide education or technical assistance to healthcare organizations on how to set-up take back programs.
  • Reduce supply of illicit drugs through law enforcement.
  • Support legal action regarding improper opioid prescribing recommendations.

Reduce Opioid Use & Misuse

  • Educate consumers about identifying opioid medications and advocating for alternatives
  • Increase use of non-opioid treatment options
  • Increase use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) by prescribers in DuPage County
  • Promote consistent safe prescribing messages and policies used by healthcare providers and health systems
  • Promote and provide safe prescriber training
  • Reduce the number of opiates prescribed

Increase Overdose Response

  • Communication campaign to increase awareness of 911 Good Samaritan Law and provision of treatment and harm reduction resources
  • Expand overdose follow-up provided by hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and social workers
  • Make naloxone more accessible to bystanders and those most at-risk for overdose by increasing access in the community
  • Sustain Narcan programs for  first responders

Integrated Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery

  • Coordinate with criminal justice system partners to increase screening and referral to treatment (probation and specialty courts)
  • Increase availability of Medication-Assisted Recovery
  • Increase primary care and other healthcare provider referral to treatment
  • Increase treatment community capacity
  • Promote integration of mental health and substance use disorder treatment
  • Promote job training and workforce development programs supporting those in recovery
  • Encourage housing supportive of substance use recovery efforts

Substance Use Prevention & Education

  • Enhance and promote prevention efforts (i.e. evidence-based curriculum for youth and messaging for general population)
  • Promote substance use disorder stigma reduction campaigns
  • Support prevention education and other initiatives regarding non-opioid (marijuana, stimulants, etc.)

    substances among youth and young adults.

Taskforce Documents