Importance of Parent EducationLegitimate Prescription, Misuse and Abuse, and Addiction

Substance use is significantly lower among youth who believe their parents strongly disapprove of it. One of the best ways to prevent substance use among your kids is to educate yourself so that you can pass along the education to your children. Get connected to various prevention and education resources specifically for parents, such as how to talk to teens about drugs, information about various drugs and risks to youth brain-development, warning signs for teen drug-use, and parent education events in your community.

How to Prevent Misuse of Opioids

Many young people who become addicted to opioids begin with a legitimate prescription that leads to misuse.

If your child is experiencing pain, undergoing a surgery, or having their wisdom teeth removed, get informed about what to ask their doctor and what to expect from the prescriber.

What to Do with Prescription Drugs in the Home

To protect your children from the misuse of prescription drugs, remove expired, unwanted, or unused medications from your home and learn how to safely dispose of them.

If you have any prescription opioids that are still being used, learn how to safely store them.

Community Support & Resources

If you have a child with a substance use disorder, know that recovery is possible for anyone. Locate treatment and support services.

Family members of people with opioid dependence are most likely to witness an opioid overdose. Learn how to recognize and respond to an overdose, and view upcoming naloxone training events for the community.